Thursday, June 23, 2011

School's Out!

Hello again. It has been an insanely busy few weeks in The Robertson Household. And the good news is that a lot of it was happy and exciting. The better news is that I was able to participate in much of it. Hooray! Progress! And if it was just good luck, I'll still take it.

The school year wound up on June 15. On that day, the entire school and many parents/families attend Mass. It is a nice way to close out the year. And to celebrate school release, I found myself at Chuck E. Cheese with a couple of other families. While I will never choose CEC on date night, eleven a.m. on a weekday is a great time to go. The boys had a blast (they chose CEC over going to the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie). I, too, enjoyed visiting with two Mom's who have always been there for me. It is always fun to hang out with cool chicks!

Skipping forward a bit, the boys' report cards arrived yesterday. We are very, very proud parents. They continue to amaze me how they balance it all. Can you feel how full my heart is for them? Yet another blessing.

And speaking of, the end of the school year wrapped up the Michele and Lisa Taxi Service. Blessed yet again to have incredible support, Michele and Lisa took turns taking the boys to school and bringing them home. This way we all new that they were safe. The irony was here I was receiving this great gift while being envious. I want to do the "Mom" things. It may sound strange to you but I missed that special time in the car, the "Mom" time. Nevertheless, I received yet another gift and am starting to think I have some guardian angels.....

Ultimately......Hooray!! School's out and summer is here!!

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