Monday, November 15, 2010

Good News Is Better Late Than Never

Once again, the storm called "life" has thrown me about, to and fro, and I am incredibly late in writing again. While the craziness that often envelopes us I cannot apologize for, as it is almost entirely (okay, maybe some is me....) beyond my control, I DO apologize to the faithful reader, to those of you who still amaze me that you exist, that I left you hanging in regards to the very important doctor appointment that I had been stressing over during my last post. I do promise to be more mindful of this in the future as it is rather unfair for me to lay it out there and then leave you hanging. It really and truly amazes me that people still read this blog, and that people even still care.

Okay, so the nitty-gritty, and my likely feeble attempt to make a long story short. But the ultimate bottom line is that a suspected brain metastasis is negative. Hip-hip-hooray! And the second fun concern was that I had suffered a small stroke. Instead, I have a rather nasty increase in my neuropathy, just one of the many little fun party favors from all the chemo I have had. Hip-hip-hooray, I think.... While I am certainly not crazy about this development, nor the fact that it is essentially a game of attempting to control/lessen/alleviate symptoms rather than treating, curing, or eradicating them, I would say that given the choice of the three, I'll take the neuropathy.

(Because of my small tendency to be verbose, I think I will leave this post as the "I am sorry I made anyone worry unnecessarily and that I am relatively okay" and save the "wtf is happening to my body and get me to a doctor fast" details for another time. It is actually somewhat history at this point, it does remain part of my story.)

And because the sudden onset of symptoms I had experienced could also be caused by a tumor on the spine, we'll take a peak there too. Of course I was so disorganized last week, mainly because I was feeling so shitty, was scared out of my mind, and that I am essentially horribly and embarrassingly disorganized, I did in fact miss that MRI appointment last week. Oops.... But I have to admit, as those of you who know me well can attest, I very rarely miss appointments. Can I use my continuing failing memory as an excuse? Not sure on this one. I think likely a combination of both memory problems and a lack of desire to put myself in any situation that might end with more bad news.

So, my apologies to anyone who worried unnecessarily because I did not update my blog sooner. And thank you for still caring.

I have much, much more to write about, some good and some not so good, but I am hoping to try to catch up on at least Fall's festivities and fall-outs this week. Bets, anyone?


brandy corbin said...

That is wonderful news Sally! You are allowed to take your time at posting the things you want. You are one tough lady....keep it up! Thank you for the birthday card...I don't think you have missed one. Our friendship is special!!!

Love always

PrescottSharon said...

Great news, indeed. I'm looking forward to logging on one day and reading that you are giving yourself permission to be human ... To us you are superhuman, so lighten up (to the degree that you can!). Thanks for the update, enjoy your holidays and damn the mess. Keeping you in my prayers, Sharon