Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm back!

Hello everyone,
After reading the updates from Sally and Casey ( who have degrees in lit and language), I won't even try to keep up with them. I will be sounding silly and even stupid compared to them.
I arrived back on Wed and assumed the powers of caregiving. Thanks You casey for all your help. Seattle is still the same with traffic, people and just feeling like an ant in an anthill.
Sally is doing good. Everything is going well as expected except for nausea. She had a scope done 2 days ago and still waiting for results. They (the doctors) think its the GVHD in her stomach that is causing the pain and nausea. Mentally she is alittle beat up wishing she was better and being stuck in an apartment most of the time. Being type A, she tries to get some piles done which only causes more piles So i told her her priorities are to only sleep, eat, and work on self. I will do the rest. I promised her that we would go out daily to do something other than clinic to help with spirits.
Yesterday, i sneeked a peek at her counts and bloodwork and all were excellent.
I will keep the blog updated. she is on day 70 post transplant and still have target date of june 13th to get out of here.


Anonymous said...

Sally, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I couldn't rest tonight thinking about you and I was SO glad to see Craig's latest post.

Stay strong!

Tracy Wilson

Linda said...

I finally wrote you a little note today and said how scary it is for your fans, friends and family to not see an update for a couple of weeks.

Glad to hear you keep working so hard to get well. I know it is not easy. Love and prayers to all of you.
Linda Fluken

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about your family, glad to see a new update. I hope Sally continues to gain strength everyday, I know she is as anxious to get home as we are to have her here. Hugs to you both. (Hey Craig...did you find a boat yet?) hee hee

Anonymous said...

hi sally
just checked up on you and glad to hear you are at least improving a little.
stay strong.
love and hugs