Monday, May 25, 2009

Boys in Town

The boys came over to Seattle for the long weekend and again lived the high-life. We all went to Woodland Park Zoo which has great animals and set up like an adventure for kids. John Paul was in charge of the map reading and did good. Of all the animals at the zoo (around 400), the only one they wanted to see was the snow leapord which was hidden. We all looked and scanned with no luck.
On Sunday, we went to the musuem of flight. It was cool. Planes from all the wars, missles and even Air Force One.
Sally is doing well. Still having issues with her stomach and nausea. The doctors will tgy a new med for it tomm. She will be doing some "exit" tests getting ready for discharge. Hopefully the nausea will come down and all will be good.
I believe her spirits were lifted with the boys here even if it was for a few days. she is tired from not sleeping much because of the nausea.
Discharge date is still around june 13th-ish.


Anonymous said...

All three look beautiful!

Katy Powers said...


What a wonderful picture of two boys loving being with Mommy!!! I hope that your time together helps EVERYONE feel better. I'm thinking about you everyday, and checking your blog all of the time. Counting the days with you. Hope the nausea gets better.