Monday, February 16, 2009

A Little Neighborhood Flair

In addition to the many amenities offered here at The Pete Gross House, there is also a halfway house across the street for the mentally ill and recovering addict. The Department of Juvenile Rehabilitation is just around the corner. Super luxe highrise apartment buildings surround it all. And my new favorite, Home Deli, is just down the block. Not only is it a "corner store", but they serve homemade teriyaki and yakisoba, plus other meals. Our ecclectic bunch here at The Pete Gross House fits right in!

I am told that when you here sirens on our block, it is a fair toss-up on whether they are coming for us or the half-way house.....

Yes, Mom, the building is highly secured. Believe me, no one is getting in and no one wants in.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sally--

We will keep praying for you during our family rosary. We love you!

Craig, Stacey, Sharon and Shayla

Stacey said...

Sally, it was really nice to meet and talk to you today. I think this blog is amazing and I'll keep checking in. I really do think it is an amazing thing for the spirit and the soul, not only to be able to get all of this out... but also to know that ultimately it will help others. Keep on doing what you are doing - I think it's incredible.


Kurt said...

Hey sally, i hope everything is well in seattle ( even the weather :). Hang in there and keep blogging.

I am going to St. Jude's in May for a long term follow up study. I haven't been there in years.. It's going to be surreal, i can feel it..

Take care...


Anonymous said...

Hi Sally,

I will be praying for you and your family. You are amazing. You will get through this.

Bless you,
Carla Price