Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Housing Update

Forgot to share the good news that my apartment opened up at the Pete Gross House in Seattle! I will be able to move-in on Saturday upon arrival in Seattle. Hooray! While the monthly rent is still outrageous by Spokane standards, not having to stay in the hotel for the first few weeks will save me quite a bit. And it will be nice to not have to move around. And Type A me will feel MUCH better being able to get moved in, settled, and oriented before things really get busy.

As I wrote earlier, the Pete Gross House is an apartment building on the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Campus. It is a very short walk to Fred Hutch, the Transplant Clinic. The Pete Gross house is comprised of apartments, at below regional market rents, for bone marrow transpant patients and caregivers. It is also the hub of support systems and other services. They have shuttle service to Fred Hutch when the short walk is no longer possible. (From The Hutch, there is shuttle service to the UW Hospital). They also have shuttle service to a Safeway and some other stores and restaurants. From all that I have learned, it is definitely the preferred place to stay.

Apartment #412 will be my new home until mid-June! I will have a mailbox there, so should you feel like writing me the old-fashioned way, just use the mailing address to the right, under Contact Info.

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Shonna said...

Thinking of you and your family and wishing you well!