Friday, January 22, 2010

Cup of Noodles

We recently learned what happens if you put a Cup of Noodles, with all its packaging/wrapping, in the microwave, without water, for three minutes. You get a fire with toxic smoke, lights and sirens with a firetruck and paramedic rig, and a number of young strapping firemen.....

They have some cool equipment though, kind of like the movies. One device is pointed towards the fire and registers all the temperatures.

The nice firemen remove the smoldering Cup of Noodles and then remove the microwave.

It smells really bad.

Then you can either leave for several hours for the house to air out or let them use their smoke machines, which unfortunately leaves carbon monoxide behind. We "evacuated".

Lots of neighbors call to offer their help with the boys because they think the ambulance is here for me. But it's good to know they care.

Ultimately John Paul's snack efforts were demonstrative of his maturity to get an adult if there is smoke or fire and his knowledge that 911 summons the Fire Department. He was going to stop, drop, and roll down the hallway to tell me about the smoke. There is no way I could have maturely handled that!

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Sidne Gail said...

Glad to see you back on the blog, Sally.

Also glad to see that John Paul didn't ACTUALLY burn down the house... At least the firemen were hunky!