Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Body Over the Past 24 Hours

Yesterday was a really hard day for me. I would have written about it all yesterday, but things just kept coming. So, I have missed a day of writing and getting you caught up. I was actually really impressed that so many of you are still checking my blog and knew I had written. And without an email inviting you back to SallyLand!

I had a lengthy visit with my doctor yesterday. Frankly, I imagine she just shudders when she sees that I am on her schedule! She is absolutely wonderful, never looks at her watch, and follows up like nobody's business. (I would write her name but I haven't asked her yet if that would be okay.)

So I had a STAT vascular ultrasound study on my legs. I have been having this weird pain, knees down, and it seemed the best thing to do to rule at any clots in my legs. Hooray! Negative! So nice to hear. The oncologist told my primary care doctor that I shoul start cumadin (vs. Lovenox) so that was gone over. Then the whole blood infection and affects on the kidneys. Plus at least twenty other topics.

Once again, I called the Moms at John Paul's school to find a ride for him since I would still be getting my test. Again, they were ready to help. I can't thank all of you enough. And I am sorry to have asked, yet again.

Today I woke up with back pain. Then I couldn't pee. Then I had really bad back pain. Trip to doctor's office. Tiny bit of pee. Blood in the pee. Medicine hurting my kidneys (not really my back hurting). Doctor is contacted at home. Enter Infectious Disease doctor (in charge of blood infection). Vanco (IV antibiotics) ends tomorrow with follow-up cultures in a week. Enter Urologist. STAT CT with contrast being arranged as I type. So I'll be off to somewhere soon.

If I don't pee by the morning, the world ends, apparently.

Just hung up with my Home Nurse, who called to say that they need STAT draws in the morning. Now I am totally confused. We played who said what to whom and when. My high from discontinuing Vanco tomorrow is now gone. There are too many doctors, too many tests, too much conflicting info. Home Nurse will try to figure it out and will call me back.

So I wait by the phone for two urgent calls telling me where I will be and what life will be like for the next day. Nothing new here.


haligirll27 said... inspire me so much. My thoughts and prayers are with you...I hope you're feeling better! Keep writing as you can. Hugz! Hali Rogers

Anonymous said...

Sally, you can call on us "All Saints Moms" any time you need us. It is the least we can do, and I am happy to help anytime! :) Lisa

Adrienne said...

Sally I am so glad to see that you are back to writing on your blog, eventhough you feel so awful. We are all still routing you on. I can't wait for the day when you write what a good day you had, and I do have faith that it will come. I hope the boys had a good Halloween.XOXO---Adrienne